Chocology our story

What your chocolate says about you

We all know what our favourite chocolate is

But how conscious are you of your choices and what does that choice say about you?


As a lover of milk chocolate, you like to live in the past emotionally, that sweet smooth feeling is the essence of childhood. You remember past happiness, a time when things were simple and straightforward.


You’re a forward looking person. Your thoughts directed towards the future. For you the past is the past. You have an active mind that is always refining and sometimes prone to liking material possessions a bit too much.


You have the power of the universe behind you if only you knew what you wanted. You can see both sides of an argument. This can cloud your thoughts but when you finally make a decision there’s no stopping you.


A connoisseur of the finer things in life. You know what you’re talking about and are a specialist in you’re field. People have to fit into your way of life otherwise you’ll have no time for them. It can be tough at the top!

All chocolate

If you love all types of chocolate, you’re a person who is flexible and can fit into any situation, anytime, anywhere. You can move with the times and have a knowledge of all walks of life. You dont like to be left behind.

The Centre


Without making a fuss you get things done. You’re dependable and steady and friends can rely on you. You have an aptitude for figures and drive a hard bargain and dont miss much. You can feel lost if moved away from you’re set routine and find it difficult to be flexible.


You have all the attributes of soft caramel but are firm in your dealings with others and are a loyal rock for your friends. You live to work and enjoy the success of your hard labour. You rarely consider others opinions on things which you are expert on but it wouldn't hurt you to listen once in a blue moon.


You’re a dreamer with you’re head in the clouds. A passionate person, you’re creative and artistic, you are drawn to the rhythm of life but sometimes your head is buried in the sand.


As a coffee person, you’re not one to hang about. You like everything at once. A deep thinker who likes the buzz of discussion and debate. You can be impatient when things don’t go your way. You always look busy, but what do you achieve?


You’re very much your own boss. You don’t worry about what other people think and like to do your own thing. You have a sharp wit and enjoy learning new things. Sometimes you get nervous and anxious and tend to put yourself down just to soften that hard outer image.


You’re very social. You like to party and have people around you. Light and fluffy you can move from one thing to the next without to much effort. You can get bored very quickly and tend to agree with everyone just to be liked and loved.


All things are possible to peppermint lovers. You see life as moving on -tomorrow is another day. You’re very clear on what you’re doing and full of ideas. You’re always striving for things to be better and look ahead with an open mind.


You’re a loving and caring person. You always have time forfor everyone and believe that good things happen in the end. A romantic and an idealist at heart you have unconditional love for others and for yourself and you are easily disappointed at that love not being returned. You see life through rose tinted glasses.