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Chocolate Lounge - The Catwalk for Chocolate

Chocolate Lounge was developed in the first instance specifically for the world famous upmarket department store Harvey Nichols, who required a more 'grown up' version of a chocolate shop. During our development stages we began to realise there was so much more we could do with our chocolate brand which would enable us to reach out into a far bigger marketplace.

Who is Chocolate Lounge for?

We knew chocolate was popular amongst the ladies, lovers and shopaholics of the Harvey Nichols clientele, but we soon discovered that the market was ready for something more. Something that everyone could be part of. Not just another chocolate shop, not just another eating place, not just another exclusive club... but an entertainment venue, a culinary delight and a visual fantasy, where all the family, all ages and all communities could come together and enjoy, share and belong.

We realised we had tapped into and appealed to a whole new group of customers.

We knew that we didn’t want to give customers what they expected-- we wanted to exceed their expectations and give them something better than they had ever seen before. Something they didin't even know they wanted... until they saw us and realized what they were missing. The experience Chocolate Lounge offers does not depend solely on the success or quality of its product, but also on the experience and ambience that is on offer. We aspire to reach beyond existing demands.

We have reconstructed market boundaries in conjunction with our luxury brand partners, to entertain and delight with our innovative chocolate catwalk, showcasing the best of all that is chocolate. Groovy, on trend and happening, the result is an asparational and cutting edge lifestyle brand.

Adult yet with a soupcon of inner child, our concept is glamourous, playful, on trend, very tasty and unlike anything ever seen before!! Chocolate Lounge welcomes chocaholics, bon vivants, fashionistas, culinary experts, shopaholics, raconteurs, globe trotters, jet setters, friends, families, and gatherings - and anyone who wants to be where it's at!

Delivered in the sleekest of settings within everyones reach.

The destination that is cool, on trend, fashionable and fun.

We have taken all of these ingredients and then added

-a dash of humour
-a sprinkling of glamour
-a smattering of sophistication
-a drop of entertainment
-a vibe for life
-a sense of belonging
-a feeling of contentment , happiness , well being and sharing

NOW you have the society that is Chocolate Lounge